Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Look - "A Fashion Standard: Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips"

Hi Everyone :)

A different kind of post from my usual, this is actually to talk about a pretty classic makeup look of smokey eyes and nude lips. I find that I am able to default to this look if I am in a hurry but 1) I haven't had much sleep in days and I want to cover that up, or 2) I need to look a little bit fancier than usual for an event :)

On the average day, you'll find me with a soft nude eye while playing up my lashes (as that's my own "classic" way to go.) But when it comes to a smokey eye, to me there's nothing like a smudged out, rocker-chic smokey eye. How to do that in a matter of seconds? Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Mirifique to the rescue! With this shadow, I can achieve a black lid color with the most amazing silver shimmer just by patting it on the lid. You would think I would need to use a lot to achieve a real black color but in fact, I only need a little because of the incredible pigmentation of these shadows by Chanel. Moving onto the crease, I simply blended out the edges of the shadow into the crease and it will fade into a beautiful charcoal gray color. This eye look makes it look like I've used a few products to get the lid, crease, and shimmer, but in fact it only took one single product.

Below is a *slightly* better picture to show the dimension of this eye look, but still done with my iPhone :(

On to the lips, in this look I used Tom Ford's lipstick in Blush Nude, topped with a bit of LipFusion's lipgloss in Bare Flesh to give it some shine. This part is easy, nude lips are sexy but I think when they're too matte, it can be a little off-putting. So add a nude gloss on top and problem solved! Tom Ford's lipsticks are amazing when they go on but with Blush Nude, it's a little bit of a challenging color to use all the time just because of how it emphasizes the flaws in lips. If your lips are dehydrated or a bit chapped, I would definitely stay away from this shade in the range.

I should mention that on average I either use a rather nude blush or no blush at all with this look. Just because of how chic it is, I much rather contour with a bronzer or any matte contouring shade (went a little bit crazy with that in the top photo in this post...but maybe it's high fashion!)

I hope you liked this look :)


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